Salami is the perfect choice to make an excellent sandwich, either with salt-free bread or with a soft roll. To further enhance the fat flavour without smothering it, you should combine it with mayonnaise or a fresh cheese spread or brie or emmenthal. For a fresh sandwich add a slice of tomato. Great served with a dark or trappist beer.


Salami campagnolo

Classic salami obtained by grinding the finest parts of pork.

Salami with Garlic

Classic salami obtained by grinding the finest parts of pork flavoured with garlic.

Seasoned Salami

Traditional salami with an intense red colour when sliced, with white ground fat. The compactness of the meat is closely related to the seasoning and the quality of the meat; the fragrance is intense, very characteristic, whilst the taste is delicate. It is one of the most traditional appetizers from Parma, especially when served together with Parma Ham. Traditionally, it is cut diagonally, creating oval slices, about twice the diameter of the salami. To enjoy it at its best the thickness is very important: the slices must be as thick as a pepper grain.

Seasoned salametto

Small salami, obtained from fine lean Italian pork; is dry and compact, with a ruby red colour with uniformly distributed granules of lard. A sweet and delicate flavour.


A sweet salami obtained from the seasoning of ham trimmings during the preparation of culatelli.