Sliced and served with a touch of butter and a glass of Lambrusco wine, they are ideal for a moment of pure pleasure shared with friends or alone in front of a beautiful view

Seasoned Coppa

A traditional cold cut that is served with aperitifs or as a single appetizer or together with other salami. The coppa should be stored in a cool and moist place, after being cut it must be stored in a refrigerator.

Spicy Curva

The spicy curva is produced exclusively with carefully selected Italian pork. It is flavored with spicy hot chili pepper, ground at the time of curing, so that the characteristic and strong flavour of the spice exalts the taste in the best way possible.


Fiocchetto is a salami that is obtained from pork, starting from the cutting of lesser known parts which can be obtained from the back of the pig’s thigh.

Seasoned pork loin

Also called “lonzino”. Seasoned pork loin is a very lean cold cut, obtained from the boned pork fillet, cured and seasoned. The fragrance is unmistakable, delicate and slightly spicy, whilst the flavour is savoury but not salty. The cut slice is red with white streaks of fat. Excellent served thinly sliced with rocket salad and slivers of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Seasoned lard

Seasoned lard has come back in great fashion. It is a simple salami that expresses in its flavour a delicate and genuine taste. Its main ingredients are just Norcina experience and pork from our farms. The secret of Lard’s goodness is in the fat consistency, particularly the unsaturated for excellent digestibility. Our production process, inherited from Norcini masters, begins by keeping it immersed in salt for at least a month, then we dry it and start a slow maturation, which causes it to dry slowly and absorb the seasoning, made from scented mountain plants sprinkled with rosemary, laurel, sage …

Lard is eaten in very thin slices: the greatest pleasure is tasting it on warm bread or bruschette, or even better, immersed in polenta.


Mortadella is a cooked cold cut which is pink in colour with an intense fragrance; the taste is flavoursome and well-balanced. Mortadella is an extremely versatile product used in various preparations. It can be eaten sliced with bread or cut into cubes as an appetizer.


Pancetta is a cold cut that is rolled up like a large salami. The last outer layer of the cut pancetta is a layer of white fat with pink threads of lean meat.


Spianata has a distinctive elongated and squashed shape. When cut it is a compact, soft salami with a characteristic red colour. The flavour is strong, typical of the best Calabrian gastronomic tradition.