Parmigiano reggiano DOP:

It’s time that makes Parmigiano reggiano. Only from raw milk, processed daily by master cheese makers, with natural enzymes and no additives, can you make this cheese which is unique in the world. This cheese is soluble, crumbly and granular with the right balance between sweet and savoury. It is perfect when served with structured red wines and excellent thinly sliced in salads. At the end of a meal, it is superb with dried fruit.


Organic Parmigiano Reggiano:

The remarkable quality of this product is thanks to the wholesomeness of an unaltered territory, the exceptional conditions in which animals live and the accurate processing are the combination that makes it possible to obtain an organic Parmigiano Reggiano distinguished by colour, fragrance and flavour. 


SOLA BRUNA Parmigiano Reggiano:

Parmigiano Reggiano, of superior quality because it is produced with high quality milk from selected cows from the bruna breed. In its maturing stage (over 24 months) it reaches the optimum age to be tasted: as a scent and on the palate it gives a wealth of fragrances and aromas in perfect balance and harmony. It has a sweet and savoury balanced flavour and the cheese is perfectly soluble, crumbly and granular. The presence of tyrosine crystals, shown by the high degree of proteolysis, attests to the high degree of digestibility the product has.