Prosciutto crudo di PARMA (DOP)

Pork thighs from breeding farms selected with care. Expertly added salt, as the sole ingredient, guarantees the complete naturalness of this product. The fire-branded trademark unmistakably identifies the true Prosciutto of Parma. The complete process, from the beginning to the end, is all done in Parma and carried out by hand, by the skilled hands of experts who slowly work the meat, as a musician would his instrument. For the perfect prosciutto, an experts skilled contribution is decisive and irreplaceable.


Prosciutto nostrano

Pork thighs from selected breeds; thighs selected and trimmed one by one with particular care. The accurate helping of salt and skilled maturing give us the Prosciutto nostrano; a ham covered with the right amount of sweet fat that ensures fragrance and sweetness.


Noce di prosciutto

It is a typical cold cut from Parma; the pork thigh is the same used to produce prosciutto crudo. Noce di prosciutto is a very lean, low-fat cold cut, protected by its own natural rind and cleverly smeared lard. Noce di prosciutto is a precious cold cut whose preparation is almost ritual: the quality of its meat, the exclusive artisan process, the long seasoning and delight in its flavour make it a “special” product, whose consumption traditionally took place on occasions of ‘celebration’. We suggest you serve it finely sliced to best appreciate its delicacy, simply serving it with good quality bread and a sparkling wine such as Lambrusco.